Note: the term "celebrities" being used loosely here to refer to prominent speakers/researchers in the field.

  • Wilhelm Reich - An Austrian psychoanalyst who broke from his field to study a phenomenon he discovered and called orgone, from his previous discovery of bions.
  • Karl Hans Welz - An Austrian radionics expert who created the orgone generator and the prototype to modern orgonite.
  • Don and Carol Croft - A spiritualist couple who perfected orgonite and shared it with a mass audience, sparking the Orgonite Movement.
  • Joe ??? - (Nickname) The man credited with inventing the Joe Cell, though his true name remains a mystery due to threats he received from interest groups.
  • Drunvalo Melchizedek - An proponent of reincarnation and speaker on the sacred geometries of nature and the human body, particularly a lightbody component known as the Merkaba.
  • Bashar - A being channeled by Darryl Anka, allegedly self-proclaimed to be a higher dimensional being from another (higher dimensional) planet in the future, his channel's future life (Note: According to him, time works differently in higher dimensions, allowing him to communicate with his past self). He specializes in Law of Attraction, alternate realities (which is based on individual choice), and the Consciousness Shift.
  • Darryl Anka - Bashar's channel, and past life (see above).
  • Jordan David - A young Youtube animator gone spiritualist. He submits two series, the Spirit Science series, focusing on the merging of science and concepts found within spiritualism, hosted by Jordan's high-pitched avatar, Patchman, and Spirit Quest, a live-action vblog-like series intended to both inspire viewers to go on their own personal journeys as well as to serve as a video record of his travels.